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WEBPC Email Services
WEBPC can provide a range of services to help you with your email needs. From individual accounts through to a gateway for your inhouse email server. We can also assist with the supply and provisioning of your own in house office mail server.

For individuals, smaller organisations and those that don't want to administer thier own in house mail server, WEBPC can provide individual email accounts using POP3, IMAP or web based access. We also provide the ability to connect using SSL/TLS encryption and an alternate, password protected, outgoing (SMTP) port for those clients who's ISPs are blocking the standard outgoing mail port.

For organisations wanting to use thier own in-house mail server, WEBPC provides a Gateway service which can recieve all the email for your domain and then either forward it to your office server either as the mail comes in or when triggered by your own mail server. This service works with Microsoft Exchange, MDaemon as well as most other mail servers.

The one commonality for all our clients using our email services is that they all benefit from the various security and redundancy measures implemented on all WEBPC mail servers.

WEBPC employs a multi-layered anti-spam strategy on all of our mail servers. This significanlty reduces the amount of SPAM recieved by our clients. Our default settings balance the need to significanlty reduce the incidence of SPAM whilst not blocking legitimate emails. We can also implement custom settings for clients that want them, further tailoring the service to your specific needs. Our Anti SPAM systems also 'learn', using Baynsian technology as well as the continual updating of settings to counter the everchanging ways used by senders of this type of email.

In addition to the SPAM defenses we deploy we also scan any attachments with an anti-virus scanner and block/delete infected emails further reducing the risk to our clients.

The WEBPC email system is not restricted to a single mail server, we operate at least one secondary mail server configured to be the back up of the primary servers. This means that if for some reason an incoming email cannot be recieved by the primary mail server it will fall back to a secondary which will then automatically send it to the primary server further ensuring legitimate email will get through.

All our servers are configured to send all emails using an SSL/TLS encrypted session and will only fall back to the standard unencrypted session if the recieving server cannot accept the encrypted one.

We are continually evaluating and implementing new ways to further enhance the security of the email services provided.